How to Report a Website for Copyright Infringement

It’s upsetting to find your work being replicated without your permission. The person who has used your work and claimed it as their own may not even know that they’re violating copyright. If someone has copied your personal creation on the internet, you have your rights, and there are plenty of ways you can handle infringement. You can report copyright infringement to an online attorney in Dallas, like the professionals at Hutcherson Law, or you can report it to Google, amongst other options.

Before reporting copyright infringement to lawyers, Google, or any other form of removal, you should consider whether the use of your work is considered fair use. Our online attorney in Dallas suggests evaluating whether or not the use of your work qualifies for fair use before reporting the user. Some exceptions for fair use would be if the user was using a photo or an article you’ve created for educational or non-commercial purposes.

Reporting Copyright Infringement to Google

One way to report copyright infringement through Google is to log in to your Google Search Console account and go to the Copyright Removal page. Google will get back to you within a few weeks after filling out the entire report. You can check the status of your removal submissions in the Removal Dashboard of Search Console.

Dealing with Copyright Infringement with an Attorney

If you’ve come across a piece on Google that may violate the law, such as within the means of copyright infringement, you can also count on a reputable internet law attorney in Texas. The professionals at Hutcherson Law specialize in copyright infringement services and copyright dispute. Our team of online attorneys in Dallas stay on top of the latest cases in copyright infringement to operate to the best of their abilities in understanding recent rulings and decisions constantly changing in the digital environment.

Hutcherson Law Will Help You

If you wish to report copyright infringement or are facing a copyright infringement case, contact the professionals at Hutcherson Law today. Our team can help you protect your rights and save you valuable time and assets for your business.