As a business owner, you know that a positive online presence is critical to your success. Reviews and comments hold considerable power over your reputation because people online trust the opinions of others.

So, what happens when false or damaging statements about you or your business are published online?

Disparaging comments and reviews about you or your business can quickly translate to a loss of customers and revenue. Unfortunately, these posts are notoriously difficult to remove, and the websites hosting the defamatory content often dismiss or ignore requests for removal. This reality can be devastating. With each passing day, real damage is inflicted on your personal and professional life.

If you find yourself in this position, you likely feel hopeless, as though nothing can be done to reclaim your good name. You are likely overwhelmed with questions: How can I get these posts removed? What is considered defamation? How can I fight back against an anonymous user? 

When you find yourself the victim of a targeted attack online…

Bring in the defamation lawyers at Hutcherson Law.

We understand the devastating impact that online defamation can have on you and your business. Whether these statements come from a disgruntled former employee, a dissatisfied customer, a competitor, or an anonymous user, they do not have the right to make false statements that hurt your reputation and business.

How we help:

Hutcherson Law’s defamation attorneys fight against those who intentionally destroy the reputations of good people and businesses. We have spent over 15 years successfully fighting for defamation victims,  de-indexing over one thousand webpages from Google’s search index.

We know that our clients are good, honest professionals and business owners who are being attacked unfairly on the Internet. So, we put our extensive Internet defamation experience to work for you in several ways. We work for you to:

  • Remove the harmful content from the Internet
  • Restore your reputation online
  • Identify the individuals who are posting the disparaging statements
  • Hold the individuals civilly responsible for posting the defamatory content

When it comes to the fight against Internet defamation, you are not powerless, and you are not alone. Contact the defamation attorneys here at Hutcherson Law to talk about your options to eradicate the wrongdoings of a few malicious individuals, so you can get your good reputation back.