Copyright Infringement Services

Your online property and other creative works can be some of the most valuable assets in your business. Our firm is experienced in filing copyright applications and registrations, pursuing legal action against copyright infringers and fighting accusations of copyright infringement. We have worked with both plaintiffs and defendants in copyright infringement cases. Our team of Internet copyright lawyers will work with you and your business to resolve your dispute efficiently and effectively.

The Basics of Copyright:

A copyright protects your work, whether online or material. These works can be text, photographs, videos, books, movies, plays, graphics, art, music, etc. Technically, a copyright protection exists as soon as your creative work is created, but you should consider registering for an official copyright to ensure you can better protect your rights.

Fighting copyright infringement can be complex. Cases can range from simple use of your material without permission, but others can be trickier. Many cases involve a group that has altered your work enough to try and disguise that they are infringing on your property.

Maintaining control over your work is important for the success of your business. If you don’t fully protect them under federal copyright registration, legal disputes will only be longer and more expensive.

Have You Experienced Copyright Infringement?

Our internet copyright lawyers want to help protect you from copyright infringement. Whether you are enforcing your rights, your work has been misappropriated, or you have been accused of infringing on copyright, contact the Hutcherson Law team. We’ll work hard to protect your online property.

Hutcherson Law Can Help.

At Hutcherson Law, we aim to represent our clients as efficiently as possible. Our team has experience in resolving copyright disputes in many different online contexts. Our Internet lawyers understand that digital copyright infringement can also involve an abuse of your image or likeness online. We strive to stay on top of the latest cases in online copyright infringement, so we understand the recent rulings and decisions being made in an ever-changing digital environment.

Whether you are looking to file a copyright, fight an infringement accusation, or take legal action to protect your online works, our internet copyright lawyers can help. We take the time and attention to detail required to ensure your case is as efficient and effective as possible.

If you’re facing a copyright infringement case, contact Hutcherson Law today. Our team can advise you on the potential next steps and legal action that can be taken. We can help you protect your rights and save valuable time and assets for your business.