What the UNABOMBER Can Teach You about Catching an Anonymous Defamer

What the UNABOMBER Can Teach You about Catching an Anonymous Defamer

Remember how the FBI caught the Unabomber? They compared his writing patterns in his letters and his infamous “manifesto” that he got published by threat in the New York Times and the Washington Post to the writing samples of various suspects.  Unusual spellings, word choices, and punctuations created a linguistic fingerprint that the FBI matched to Ted Kaczynski.

Meet Jim Fitzgerald

If you have tuned into the Discovery Channel lately, you might know Jim Fitzgerald better as the FBI agent who caught the Unabomber using these “forensic linguistic” techniques. Here’s the trailer for the recent documentary that showcased his distinct approach in this incredible case: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsd_LMDlzhI&feature=youtu.be .

Hutcherson Law also knows Jim Fitzgerald—as a third party expert (he retired from the FBI) who, in several of our cases, helped our clients catch the anonymous posters behind unlawful, defamatory attacks. Here are a few of the ways he has helped our clients and how he can help you too.

 Writing Sample Analysis

Imagine: you and your husband receive threatening letters from an anonymous author. You also become the subject of several false and defamatory attacks on the Internet. You have a pretty good idea who is sending the threatening letters and defaming you on the Internet, but you can’t prove it.

Now, enter Jim Fitzgerald and the Hutcherson Law team.  We gather writing samples from persons of interest – suspects who may be behind the unlawful acts – and send them to Jim Fitzgerald. Jim analyzes the writing samples and compares them to both the threat letters and the defamatory posts on the Internet. Through Jim’s analysis, he determines that (1) the poster and the person sending threatening letters to you and your husband are the same author and (2) the threatening and defamatory postings match the linguistic fingerprint of one of the persons of interest.  Finally, justice may be served.

If someone is making anonymous threats against you or your business either privately or publicly, there are ways to track down the author.  Don’t let anonymity torment you.  Stopping defamation starts with Hutcherson Law.

 Defamation via Anonymous Ripoff Report Postings

Ripoff Report is notorious for enabling people to publicly and anonymously post defamatory comments against businesses.  This happened to one of our clients who owned a rehabilitation facility.

Hutcherson Law started the investigation by tracking the IP addresses and tracing them to where the posts were made.  Upon learning that the author was poaching public Wi-Fi from a bar to post the defamatory content, we dug deeper.  Once again we brought in Jim Fitzgerald who analyzed writing samples from suspects and compared them to the posts found on Ripoff Report. Jim identified the culprit, we filed a lawsuit against the suspect, and then settled the case for a large cash payment and a court order mandating the removal of the defamatory Ripoff Report.

If your business is the victim of an anonymous defamatory post on Ripoff Report there is hope.  We have the tools and resources necessary to track down the responsible individual and prove his culpability without a shadow of a doubt in a court of law so that you can achieve justice.

 Hiding Behind Online Forums

A respected professor at a University was defamed on multiple online forums.  Our client was able to narrow down the number of suspects to 18 different people.  We gathered samples of their writing like emails, memos, and letters.  We sent these to Jim Fitzgerald for analysis and he identified the author of the defamatory postings with 100% certainty.  Once approached, the defendant immediately admitted to making the postings.  And just like that, justice was served.

You Don’t Have to Continue Being a Victim

The science behind tracking down anonymous posters goes beyond the makings of a good television show.  There are ways that writing analysis can work to help you put an end to threats and defamation.  We have access to the right resources to prove your case.  Contact us today if you are being tormented by defamation and let’s get started finding the anonymous poster so that justice may be served.