Understanding Online Copyright Infringement

Understanding Online Copyright Infringement

The speed and culture of the Internet has led to an increase in software, websites, images, and writing being shared and utilized without the permission of the actual owner of the work. These works are usually protected by a license or other agreement, and accordingly, sharing and using these works without the permission of the owner is unlawful and constitutes copyright infringement.

Online Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement is the reproduction or utilization of a work without permission from the owner of the work.  While distributing your software, website, images, and writing online can help you reach a wider audience and obtain greater name recognition, it also increases the risk of web-based copyright infringement. If you discover that you are the victim  of copyright infringement, you should contact a lawyer to understand your rights and options regarding your case.  There are several options available to victims of copyright infringement including removal of the unauthorized reproduction and financial compensation.

Finding an Attorney for Copyright Infringement Cases

Hutcherson Law litigates online copyright infringement cases and appreciates the complexity of this area of law.  Contact Hutcherson Law today to protect your copyrighted works!