Removal of Defamatory Webpages

Every day, Hutcherson Law helps American businesses and innocent individuals quickly recover from the wide ranging and devastating consequences of Internet defamation. While individuals and businesses often feel that they have limited options following the publication of harmful and defamatory content on the Internet, Hutcherson Law’s Internet lawyers have proven experience of erasing damaging statements and delisting defamatory webpages causing irreparable injury. Hutcherson Law’s thorough legal methods coupled with our commitment to providing the highest quality legal representation have ensured the removal of the negative information affecting our clients’ good name and reputation. To date, Hutcherson Law has utilized its well-developed strategy, which includes obtaining a court order against the author of offensive statements, to successfully achieve the removal of defamatory webpages such as complaints on Ripoff Report and Complaints Board from search engine indexes.

Content Removal Services

At Hutcherson Law, we appreciate the importance and urgency of removing defamatory content on the Internet. Hutcherson Law’s content removal services include actively eliminating defamatory statements concerning you and/or your business on every type of Internet website including, but not limited to, social media websites, news articles, blogs, discussion boards, and business review or complaint websites. There is no limit to what we can remove – including posts by “anonymous” individuals. In fact, Hutcherson Law has a proven method of identifying anonymous authors, and by employing various legal tools such as subpoenas, effectively analyzing contextual evidence, and employing forensic linguistics we are able to identify the “anonymous” authors and assist our clients in attaining their desired results.

Obtaining a Court Order

One of the most effective legal tactics to remove false, disparaging information on the Internet is a court order. Hutcherson Law has obtained the removal of over 1,000 webpages from the Google search index using this technique. Our strategy is simple. First, our team will file a lawsuit, and once the judge rules that the content is defamatory, Hutcherson Law will seek a court order mandating the removal of the defamatory content. Hutcherson Law will then submit the court order to the websites hosting the offensive material as well as an explanation of why the court order was granted and a request that the content be removed immediately. Google, as well as other search engines, have a history of honoring court orders, but, nevertheless, there are no guarantees that the content will be removed.

Legal recourse is one of many different ways to tackle Internet defamation, and Hutcherson Law provides clients with an in-depth strategy that can be molded to their exact needs to accomplish their goal of removing the damaging content as soon as possible. Contact us today.