Red Flags of Internet Defamation

Hutcherson Law has vast experience helping good, honest professionals and businesses who have been attacked on the Internet. Business defamation online has serious consequences for any company and can result in real damages—such as loss in sales and reputational stain. Hutcherson Law has created the most efficient and effective solutions for fighting defamation, and we are dedicated to helping businesses regain their positive online presence.  Our innovative legal methods have opened the door to completely removing defamatory webpages from Google’s search index and our strategic court order removal technique has resulted in the removal of over 1,000 webpages containing unlawful and disparaging content. If your business is the victim of online defamation, there are proper steps to take, and with the help of Hutcherson Law’s skilled Internet lawyers, you can reclaim pride in your business’s name and online reputation.

Take Immediate Action

As Internet lawyers, we are committed to representing hard working professionals against those seeking to destroy the reputations of good people. All it takes is one red flag or false review to deter current and potential clients, quickly and easily determining the success of your business. And while it is easy to sit back and do nothing, the false statements will remain on the Internet, and worse, can spread like wild fire, automatically endangering your business. There are legal actions available to reverse the negative effects of the defamatory content, and Hutcherson Law wants to help you take immediate action.

Restoring Your Business’s Online Reputation

At Hutcherson Law we proactively adapt our approach to your needs to successfully remove harmful statements. You are in good hands with our capable Internet lawyers who know how to effectively and efficiently get the job done.  Our main goal is to restore your business’s reputation as soon as possible. First, your business should note the applicable statute of limitations to bring a defamation lawsuit in your state.  For most states, the deadline to file is only one year from the date of first publication, but the deadline does vary between states, and may be up to three years.  Nevertheless, we suggest that you act right away.  Next, you should accumulate all relevant evidence regarding the defamatory postings to prove each element of your claim. Concrete proof of false statements will certainly contribute to the successful removal of defamatory content.

If you have been defamed on the Internet, your business is probably hurting much more than you realize. You must act for the wellbeing of yourself and your company, and Hutcherson Law is available to help reverse the negative effects of defamatory postings. We have a team of experienced lawyers as well as the proper tools to guide you in the right direction.  Contact us for more information.