Accumulating Evidence for Internet Defamation

If you are experiencing a business crisis due to internet defamation, there are many steps you can take to properly remove the hurtful remarks in an efficient manner. Hutcherson Law has the necessary skillset and ability to identify the source of the defamatory posts and take legal action on your behalf. Our internet defamation lawyers design a strategic plan tailored to your needs for the removal of damaging statements. Our proven technique includes drafting a detailed and valid court order that search engines and websites will immediately respond to and act. We recommend our clients to immediately address the issue by accumulating as much evidence as they can. This process involves printing out webpages with the defamatory postings and keeping evidence of how you have been harmed. At Hutcherson Law, we understand how important this can be in the lawsuit down the road.

Save the Evidence

Proving that the online defamation was published is a very important component to a lawsuit. This will ultimately decide if the content will get removed from the webpage. We suggest you screenshot and print out all the defamatory postings and search engine results that come up. You should include and preserve anything you feel would be relevant in your case. It doesn’t hurt to have extra information and evidence gathered. You will also need to show evidence on how exactly you and your business were harmed. Damage from internet defamation can commonly include loss of good reputation, loss of business, loss of money, or even physical damage, and you should collect concrete evidence of this. It is also helpful to save the evidence in electronic form when you are going through the postings. Gather as much information that will help your case, and clearly show the defamatory statements made and the damage that was done. This is a crucial step in clearing your organization’s name, and the more evidence you accumulate, the better.

Internet Defamation Lawsuit

There needs to be proof of the published or broadcast defamatory online statement. You will win your case if you provide evidence that the statement is indeed false, and that you or your business were harmed in some fashion by the remarks. We also suggest you offer proof that the defamatory statement was not verified from the author. By gathering the appropriate information surrounding the hurtful postings, you will be able to successfully clear your name and your reputation. You may be entitled to recover monetary damages from the direct person who defamed you.

During the internet defamation process, we suggest you act quickly with accumulating your evidence because each state has a statute of limitation to bring a defamation lawsuit. This deadline can creep up on you quickly and at Hutcherson Law, we are committed to clearing your name in the most efficient manner possible. Contact our skilled internet lawyers today for the proper legal guidance and the most innovative legal strategies!