Dani Mathers Invasion of Privacy: What You Can Learn

Dani Mathers Invasion of Privacy: What You Can Learn

You might have heard of Dani Mathers. She was Playboy’s 2015 Playmate of the Year. Although well-known for her background in modeling, Mathers is now making a new name for herself – “body shamer.”

In July 2016, Mathers took to Snapchat to post a nude picture of a 70-year old woman in the locker room of her gym. The caption underneath the photo read, “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either.”

Word of the posting spread like wildfire. The backlash against Mathers’ posting caused her to delete her social media accounts and ultimately issue a public apology. Rather than address the victim directly, in her apology, Mathers simply said:

“That was absolutely wrong and not what I meant to do. I know that body shaming is wrong. That is not the type of person I am.”

However, the apology wasn’t enough and in September 2016 the Los Angeles City Attorney took legal action charging Mathers with one count of invasion of privacy.

On May 24, 2017, Mathers was placed on three years probation and ordered to spend 30 days removing graffiti in Los Angeles.

The Legal Consequences of Invading Someone’s Privacy

Facing a maximum of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine, the former Playboy playmate plead “not guilty” in her initial court appearance. She later changed her plea to “no contest.”

In an attempt to convince the court to go easy, Mathers’ lawyers asked the judge in her case to help Mathers avoid jail by sending her to an anti-bullying course and having her undergo counseling. She also said she was willing to go to school to tell people how bullying can harm others.

Mathers “does not qualify nor merit such leniency,” said the city attorney. “Her post-crime behavior is indicative of the fact that Defendant has never shown remorse for her behavior and therefore she should face the consequences of her cruel and criminal act.” Not only did Mathers invade a woman’s privacy but she also showed a lack of remorse, which does not bode well for her sentencing.

Alternative Consequences of Invasion of Privacy

In addition to finding herself in legal trouble, Mathers also felt the backlash from her actions in many arenas.

As soon as L.A. Fitness caught wind of the photo, she was banned from all of the franchise’s gyms. She was also fired from her job as a regular on Los Angeles radio station KLOS when her employer learned of her actions.

Invasion of Privacy is Wrong and Punishable

Posting any nude image of a person without their consent is wrong from both a legal and an ethical standpoint. Add the photo caption filled with body shaming remarks into the mix and you have a recipe for a lawsuit.

Regardless of what justice is served in this case, the damage is done. The public has seen the photos and they’re not able to “unsee” them.

Invasion of privacy is wrong and it’s punishable by law. If you have been a victim of a similar attack, it’s tempting to hide in the shadows. However, it’s important that you take action to hold the person accountable. There are real consequences attached to these cases and those who break the law deserve to pay the price for the harm they have caused others.

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