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Pioneers of Internet Law

We created Hutcherson Law with one specific goal in mind: to help hard working professionals, honest businesses, and innocent individuals get their good name back after being attacked on the internet.

Hutcherson Law was founded in 2007. We’ve been highly successful in developing original strategies, helping us fight for justice for all victims of unlawful internet conduct.

The law is stacked against victims of internet defamation and revenge porn.

Unfortunately, the law is structured to encourage websites to promote unlawful, defamatory content posted on their site. Believe it or not, website owners can profit directly from the victims of internet defamation attacks. This is highly unacceptable in the eyes of our internet lawyers in Texas.

Case Study

In 2009, Hutcherson Law represented a business client who needed a false, defamatory report erased from the internet. The internet defamation towards our client was made by a former employee. They had a court order against the former employee, ordering him to remove the defamation, but there was one problem – the websites where the former employee posted his defamatory statements would not let him erase them.

These websites claimed they had absolute immunity under the Communications Decency Act, which meant they were legally entitled to continue publishing the defamatory content. Worse yet, they tried to market their reputation repair services to the victims of their website for a hefty fee. If our client had paid them for the removal, these websites would have legally earned money off the defamatory content, even though a court order required it be taken down.

Our defamation lawyers in Texas found a solution to this problem.

Instead of going directly to the website, our internet attorneys sent the court order to Google. We explained the facts behind the case and requested for Google to remove the defamatory page from its search index.

Google was persuaded and granted the request.

In 2011, our internet lawyers in Texas made this tactic public. Our founder, Kenton Hutcherson, published an article on Search Engine Land, How to Remove Ripoff Reports from Google – Not Just Bury Them. In this article, he detailed the then-secret removal technique. Approximately two weeks later, Google launched an online portal to receive court order and removal requests.

Since then, Hutcherson Law has helped remove over 1,000 web pages from the Google search index.

Hutcherson Law was one of the first internet law firms in the country. Our online attorneys in Dallas successfully pioneered the legal removal of defamatory webpages from Google’s search index.

Today, we handle cases across the United States regarding defamation of character, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, domain name disputes, internet marketing disputes, and revenge porn.

Meet Kenton Hutcherson

Attorney and Counselor

Kenton Hutcherson has a variety of commercial litigation experience under his belt, handling cases such as internet defamation, revenge porn, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, misappropriation of trade secrets, breach of contract claims, tortious interference, antitrust, breach of fiduciary duties, and more.

Although he has a wealth of legal experience, the main focus at Hutcherson Law is internet law.

Kenton Hutcherson received his juris doctorate from the University of Chicago Law School, where he was a Heffernan Scholar and Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu Fellow. Hutcherson studied in the prestigious Plan II Honors Program at the University of Texas at Austin, where he earned his bachelor’s degree. For his senior thesis, “Greed,” Plan II awarded him its Model Thesis Award. He was a National Merit Scholar and Dedman Merit Scholar (a four-year full scholarship).

Today, he works with businesses and individuals across the United States to free them of the damages caused by libelous and defamatory content online. Kenton Hutcherson regularly speaks at conferences on developments in internet law, including PubCon in Las Vegas (the largest internet marketing conference in the United States). His talents don’t stop there – Kenton won the PubCon conference poker tournament two years in a row.