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As you’ve probably figured out by now, our claim to fame is in our electronic discovery technologies and methods.  It’s what put us on the map and what we think puts us ahead of our competition.  Our methods and systems are patent-pending and pioneering in the field of electronic discovery.  Simply put, it’s what makes us who we are and makes us good at what we do (and we’ve got the real-world results for our clients to back up that statement.)

Specifically, this is how we apply our skills in electronic discovery to serve our clients:

  1. We employ our patent pending methods to review electronic document productions much more efficiently.  As opposed to reviewing every page in an electronic document production from page 1 to 1,000,000, we recreate the file architecture of the underlying source computers from which the electronic documents came to zero in on the most important files.  We quickly find the most important evidence by going directly to the files most likely to contain hot documents.  For example, if one of the folders within your adversary’s CEO’s email Inbox is named after your company, there is a pretty good chance the most important documents in the case can be found there.  We don’t know of any other law firm that reviews documents this way.

  2. We review electronic evidence in context.  We review each electronic document’s metadata (the invisible information stored in a document that indicates what sort of information is in that document and what other documents might be related to it).  Anyone with a bit of electronic discovery knowledge can do that.  But what makes us different is that we look at metadata not in isolation, but in how it relates to or identifies other documents.  Metadata tells a story not only about how documents relate, but how people used and thought of those documents.  Metadata will tell you if a document came from a person’s “Sent Items” email folder.  Knowing that person was in possession of a certain document and sent it to somebody else may prove to be crucial evidence.  Evaluating other documents within the same folder may also provide key evidence as to that person’s thought processes at the time.  This of course is the tip of the iceberg.  Once we understand the entire big picture of a series of electronic documents, all sorts of arguments can be drawn from the digital evidence we uncover.

  3. We employ our patent pending critical electronic discovery methods to uncover electronic discovery misconduct.  Electronic discovery abuse occurs much more often that you would think.  Whether electronic discovery vendors are just plain sloppy in their approach, or attorneys continue to operate under the mistaken belief that they can withhold damaging evidence without getting caught – electronic discovery misconduct is surprisingly common.  We are critical of our adversary’s electronic document productions, and we know how to detect and prove when serious misconduct is present.  We have experience proving that key evidence has been withheld from electronic document productions, that electronic documents were fragmented and scrambled intentionally, that large sets of electronic documents were deliberately duplicated multiple times, that key evidence was buried within an electronic document production, and that other electronic discovery misconduct is afoot, such as document alteration, fabrication, and spoliation.  Uncovering and proving such electronic discovery abuse is critical to ensure that you receive the documents to which you are entitled.  And even if opposing counsel isn’t so blatant with their misconduct, catching inadvertent errors of negligence can be just as important to your case.

Winning discovery disputes has always been critical to any litigation strategy.  Now that electronic discovery has become the new stage for discovery disputes, new strategies are needed.  Our patent pending critical electronic discovery methods are a big step forward in this realm.  We pioneered and created these methods, and quite clearly, our clients benefit from them—far more so than a law firm that doesn’t have the experience in electronic discovery that we do.  If your case involves electronic documents, we’re your firm.  Not convinced?  Drop us a line to chat about your case.  We’ll prove to you how effective we can be.