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Hutcherson Law is a unique sort of legal practice.  True, we litigate like any other firm, but we approach things a bit differently.  We’re into the really strategic stuff—like vacating a judgment you already lost because we can prove the other side withheld the key evidence in the case.  Or, digging into the electronic evidence to prove the other side’s CEO wrote the letter that released his company from your contract.  We like to find that needle in the haystack that makes your case.

Check out our practice areas to learn how we can apply fresh, original thought to solve your most complex legal problems.

Business Litigation

Complex Commercial Litigation
Internet Law
Vacating Judgments

Patent Law

Patent Litigation
Patent Portfolio Management

Electronic Discovery Law

Electronic Discovery Litigation
Electronic Discovery Consulting
Contextual Electronic Discovery Review
Auditing and Coordinating Electronic Document Productions
Document Retention Policy Consulting