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Patent Litigation

Who better to practice patent and trademark law than a law firm who actually has been through the process themselves?  Hutcherson Law currently has several patent claims pending before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  As developers of patent-pending critical electronic discovery techniques, we fully appreciate how important protecting your intellectual property rights can be to you and your business.

We are vigorous in our efforts to stay current with the latest developments and changes in patent law, and there are a lot of them.  For example, it is now much easier to launch a pre-emptive declaratory judgment action to ward off a patent infringement lawsuit.  Declaratory judgment actions can throw off your licensing and litigation strategy, place you in a venue not your choosing, and force you to defend on someone else’s schedule.  Accordingly, we advise our clients how to avoid triggering a declaratory judgment action against them.

We make sure to follow not just each new development in patent law, but we also analyze the trends of development to better advise our clients of how they can protect their interests. And of course, our patent pending critical electronic discovery systems and methods give our clients a strategic advantage in patent litigation, as we are better able to uncover evidence of patent infringement and damages that can be crucial issues in any patent litigation.

We also know how to represent defendants in a patent infringement lawsuit.  Just because you have been sued for patent infringement no longer means that you have years of expensive litigation ahead of you. 

Filing a patent infringement lawsuit may be just a formality to open otherwise friendly licensing negotiations, as the patent holder tries to protect itself from a preemptive declaratory judgment action.  We typically advise our clients to take a step back and listen to what the other side has to say before ratcheting up huge legal fees—it just makes good business sense.  We’d much rather earn your long term business than rake you for “drive by” profits.  We’ve been around the block enough times to know that what is good for our clients is good for us.