Lost a big case? - Critical ediscovery can find documents withheld during trial: a basis for vacating a judgement.
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Vacating Judgments

If you just lost a case that you couldn’t afford to lose, you traditionally only had one option: to appeal.  But there is another, less utilized option: to have the judgment vacated.  Vacating a judgment is different from winning on appeal.  Appeals can take years to progress through the appellate courts, and are typically decided on issues of law (as opposed to issues of fact).  To vacate a judgment, you must file a motion with the trial court.  And basically, you need to be able to prove improper withholding of critical evidence or other discovery misconduct.  In the past, anything short of a whistleblower coming forward usually made a motion to vacate a judgment a lost cause.

But in our modern world of electronic documents (and with our own electronic discovery technology), having a judgment vacated may have just became a whole lot easier.

If your case involved electronic discovery, it is worth us taking a look at the electronic documents produced in your case.  We’ll analyze your adversary’s electronic document production with our patent pending critical electronic discovery methods to determine whether any key documents were improperly withheld, or if any other serious electronic discovery misconduct issues were present.  If so, you may be able to obtain relief from the court.  Because our methods use computers instead of hundreds of attorney hours, we’re able to get to the bottom of things very quickly and definitively without incurring mountains of billable hours on top of the fees you just spent to lose the case.

Please contact us today to discuss your case.  We’ll be able to figure out in short term whether there is something there to pursue.  Especially in cases with lots of electronic documents, our electronic discovery methods can get to the bottom of things quickly and efficiently, and we may just be able to prove the other side withheld that case-altering document that would have made the difference.