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Complex Commercial Litigation

While we may be known for our cutting edge electronic discovery work, don’t be fooled: electronic discovery is one of the tools in our toolbox; however, we are a business litigation firm at heart.  After all, our patent-pending electronic discovery techniques evolved out of a complex commercial litigation case.  So we know very well that at the end of the day, the case is not about ‘electronic discovery’ per se, but is about winning the case using whatever resources necessary.  That important fact is not lost on us.

In every business litigation matter we undertake, we constantly analyze our adversary’s strengths and weaknesses to develop the best strategy to win.  As it turns out, our electronic discovery methods fit in nicely to most of our litigation strategies as most law firms are decidedly weak when it comes to electronic discovery.  And while every case requires different strategies and methods, fundamentally you need a lawyer who is relentless in their approach to turning every single issue (including issues most attorneys ignore) into their client’s advantage.  We obsess about legal strategy—it’s what we live for.

We’re best suited to large, complex lawsuits – bet-the-company types of cases – as these cases often require more of the original, critical, legal thinking in which our firm specializes (which is not to say that we’re not quite willing, able and eager to take on more typical, garden variety business legal disputes as well.)

Whether you case involves a breach of contract, tortious inference with a business opportunity, fraud, or antitrust concerns, we will bring fresh, original thought to represent your interests.