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Hutcherson Law focuses on a very specific niche of law

Hutcherson Law focuses on a very specific niche of law: helping good honest professionals and businesses who have been attacked on the Internet. Since its founding in 2007, the Internet lawyers of Hutcherson Law pioneered the most effective solutions for fighting defamation and invasion of privacy on the Internet.

Our innovative legal strategies opened the door to getting defamatory webpages removed from the Google search results. Using our court order removal technique, we have obtained the removal of over 1,000 webpages containing unlawful content from the Google search results, including webpages from Ripoff Report, Pissed Consumer, Complaints Board, and Yelp.

If you are the victim of Internet defamation or invasion of privacy, there is no better friend you can have than Hutcherson Law.

We are the solution you have been looking for.

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defamationIf you have been defamed on the Internet

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Treat Internet defamation as if your business is on the line… because it is.

As Internet lawyers, we represent hard working professionals and businesses against those who intend to destroy the reputations of good people. Time and again, we see how a few false words online can bring an honest business to its knees. It doesn’t matter that the author is lying, not credible, a disgruntled former employee, or an unscrupulous competitor. And it doesn’t help to explain your side of the story in a “rebuttal,” that just lends credibility to the defamatory review.

All it takes is one red flag to scare away your clientele. It doesn’t matter if you have been in business 50 years or 50 days - one defamatory listing in the Google search results is enough to plant a seed of doubt in your prospective customers’ minds.

If you have been defamed on the Internet, your business is probably hurting much more than you realize. You need to take action.

We have the unique experience you need to fight back.

At Hutcherson Law, we know what you are up against because we have helped many others in your position. We have obtained the removal of over a thousand web pages from Google’s search results by obtaining court orders against the authors of unlawful Internet content.

We don’t push defamatory webpages down the Google search results - a technique that rarely works permanently because Google constantly changes its search algorithm. Instead, we submit court orders to Google that convince Google to remove defamatory web pages completely from its search results.

Hutcherson Law pioneered the court order removal technique in 2009. Today, this strategy remains the most effective for combating defamation on websites that don’t allow authors to remove their postings.

The biggest challenge in defending my reputation and privacy was finding a highly experienced and qualified Internet law attorney with a proven track record of successful cases.

I found Mr. Hutcherson by doing an Internet search for attorneys that specifically handled defamation, harassment, and impersonation cases occurring on the Internet. At first, I was a little concerned about not having a personal reference, as far as hiring Mr. Hutcherson. But his unique Internet law experience was enough to convince me he was the right attorney for me.

Mr. Hutcherson and his team have extensive knowledge and experience in the Internet law arena. I was told by two other reputable Dallas attorneys that there wasn't much they could do to help me. Not only did Hutcherson Law help me, they successfully handled my case from start to finish and I am extremely grateful.

I would highly recommend Hutcherson Law to anyone who is in my situation. Kenton has vast knowledge in the defamation and invasion of privacy areas of Internet law and his professionalism and expertise are hard to beat!

- Marion M.

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